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Artist Endorsements

Thomas Bettini

Tom was a founding member and the bassist for Jackyl, "the hardest working band in rock and roll," for over a decade.  He continues to play locally and It's my honor and privilege to have him use and endorse my picks.

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Kevin Scholl

Kevin is a singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist, who originally hails from Massachusetts. Moving around throughout the years his family landed in California in the fall of 1976. He started singing at the age of 7 singing to the hits of the day to kids in the neighborhood using his flashlight as a fake microphone.  Kevin received his first guitar at the age of 13 after seeing the black Les Paul on the album sleeve of the Elton John’s Live offering “Here and There” in 1976. Song writing soon followed and has continued to this day.

He took one year of guitar lessons at Guitar’s Afire in Long Beach learning chords and songs and that was all she wrote, the fire and desire to create music had begun.  He soon began playing drums, playing bass at 16 years of age and then piano/keyboards at age 26. He claims he found his musical love once he switched predominantly to the bass guitar.  

Having played in numerous bands at numerous venues over the years, his best memory took place at Rain Cross Square in June of 1983, where the band he was bassist in, “4 on 1” opened for the band Berlin who wrote Take My Breath Away & Riding on the Metro. 

Since he became a born-again Christian in 1988, Kevin quickly got involved in worship music at the different churches he attended using his skills as a bassist, guitarist, drummer and vocalist. He has been an itinerant worship leader for years now at numerous churches in the different states where he and his family have lived and is currently the worship lead at New Day Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Ca.

Kevin’s history of his “pick”  use . . . switching from rhythm guitar to bass, like many players, they continued using a guitar pick once beginning on bass, as did Kevin. He began playing much more with his fingers once he began playing bass with worship teams as it fit much better for the mellower music. His love for the attack, tone and action of the pick has never been lost and he’s always been on the search for “the Pick” which leads us to his recent discovery of our line of custom picks here at Ace Performance Picks.

Kevin found our company on Instagram and followed us and after a short time he asked about trying out a pick or two to see how he liked them. We sent a few to him and he really liked the way they sounded and how they felt between his fingers. He actually has used one of the larger, triangular picks we sent on a song he is going to release called “It’s Just a Mute Point” claiming “it really helped me attain that muted tone” I was striving for on my bass!” And that’s how this all got started.



Currently, Kevin is working on releasing his first ever “EP” this year 2023. The title of it is “Break Free” and is the name of the title track.

For more information about Kevin and his music please visit

Kevin’s social media contacts are here:

Instagram:  @TheKevinSchollProject

Twitter: @KSchollProject


You Tube:

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